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The Virginian Pilot Features Kim with Vice President Biden!

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If an interviewee looks oily – and the camera lights are already hot – he can come off as nervous. If he looks ruddy, he can come off as drunk or embarrassed.
by mike gruss

LET’S START with the high-profile list of clients: Govs. Wilder, Warner and Kaine; Rep. Scott Rigell; Rep. Bobby Scott; WVEC anchor David Alan; more than 100 local television reporters; Dennis Gartman, the commodities guy who appears frequently on cable news shows; Norfolk Southern CEO Wick Moorman.    “They’ve all sat in my chairs,” ‍Kim ‍Wadsworth said.    She is the owner of the Norfolk-based ‍Wadsworth Style, and a consultant for makeup application and wardrobe assistance. (Full disclosure: She is also the founding editor of Vow, a bridal magazine published by Pilot Media, the parent company of The Virginian-Pilot.) But chiefly, she has been a makeup artist for 25 years. When candidates and politicians are in Hampton Roads and are to appear on TV, especially national television, ‍Wadsworth frequently does their makeup.    Last week, she was invited to add another name to her list: Joe Biden. The vice president was visiting Norfolk for a speech at Maury High School about the cost of college.    The odd part of this, of course, is not that the vice president would need a makeup artist – please, this is not 1960 – but that Joe Biden doesn’t have his own person to do this.    But with hypersensitive media scrutiny of candidates, when a $400 haircut can lead voters to believe you’re out of touch, the vice president can’t have a private traveling makeup person. Yet, he still needs a professional to make him look good for an interview with a local television station.    Why? Well, here’s a sampling of what can go wrong:    The person doing the makeup can say something foolish and make the VP uncomfortable. The artist can get makeup on the vice president’s shirt. The artist can misjudge his base color.    If an interviewee looks oily – and the camera lights are already hot – he can come off as nervous. If he looks ruddy, he can come off as drunk or embarrassed.    Because TV is in high-def, everything must be perfect. Every hair must be in place. If the vice president has just finished an appearance, with lots of hugging and shaking hands in a setting like the one at Maury, he can look wrinkled or ruffled – not a look he wants for the TV interview that follows.    The White House needed a professional, and ‍Wadsworth knows the routine from years of experience. She knows the jokes her high-profile clients make. The men who sit in her chair usually ask if she can make their hair reappear, if she can make them look 10 years younger. She says she’s a makeup artist, not a magician.    After she says all of this, the men are sold.    That does not mean doing the makeup for VPOTUS is easy. Usually, ‍Wadsworth lays out her supplies, and the men come to her. They are on her schedule. But Tuesday, the VP didn’t want to wear makeup when he was talking to students and mingling with the Maury crowd. That meant she had only three minutes to work.    There were nerves – not because the man himself – but because of all of the security that came with him. ‍Wadsworth arrived at Maury with a bag of supplies, and it was checked and double-checked. She was asked why she was sitting so close to the stage. But ‍Wadsworth is a pro, and she had done her research. She knew Biden liked to play golf. She could tell him that her two boys went to Maury. It was something to talk about. The key for her was to have anything handy that he might need: a comb, a tissue, an Altoid, a brush to get the fuzz off a blazer. So after a few hours of waiting, after explaining over and over what was in her rolling bag, after watching the speech, after the vice president caught his breath, ‍Wadsworth was escorted to the Maury High School boys’ locker room. She was introduced. “Hello, ‍Kim,” the vice president said. “Thanks so much for being here.” He was snacking on cheese crackers. “Forgive me for eating my lunch.” She told him that her boys went to Maury. She asked if he had been playing golf. She asked if he had been wearing sunscreen. He laughed and said he had been golfing. He said he had worn SPF 20. She said he should wear 30. He said that’s what his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, says, too. They laughed. He took a tissue. He took an Altoid. She helped him put on his jacket. He didn’t ask to look in the mirror. He didn’t make jokes about his age. He did the TV interview. He posed for a photo. She had towelettes ready. He wiped off the makeup. Then he was on his way. His speech had been about the importance of college. She knew the importance of doing her homework.

BridesMade is featured in Vow Bride Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

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As the editor of Vow Bride Magazine, it’s always exciting (and exhausting) to get a new issue out on the streets!

It’s even more thrilling when BridesMade can be a part of an editorial photo shoot. Longtime makeup associate Vania O’Shea and hair designer Chelsea Jordan helped me with all the beauty styling for the“Coming of Age”  feature photographed at The Founders Inn. Bridal makeup and hair for every age: 20, 30, 40 and 50 something was the theme- something we know resonates with every bride today. We had a great time making everyone photo-ready while Keith Cephus of Keith Cephus Photography captured the images.  To see more, visit


Bridesmade featured on

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Bridesmade featured on

There’s nothing like reliving a beautiful wedding!

BridesMade was a part of the latest wedding blog about Lauren Whitbeck who married Patrick Garvey in August of 2011 at The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk. I had so much fun doing the makeup while Carly Duvall did the hair on Lauren, her mother Jasmine as well as the bridesmaids. Our thanks to Keith Cephus of Keith Cephus Photography for taking such great shots of this wonderful bridal party. Thrilled that WeddingStar picked up the story and featured this special couple. See more of Keith’s work at